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Originally Posted by VictoryCare View Post
When you fight in a war you dont go to the front lines naked with no weapons, you have some kind of weapon, and plan of attack (strategy) to protect yourself, to stop the enemy as best as you can, or at least slow them down until you can, its not all willy nilly chaos
When one wants to educate... facts, empathy and understanding of the group goes a long way

Your tone (and I assume I’m not in the minority) has simply come across as rude, condescending and better than.

That usually results in an argumentative response

Your point could have been made in a much kinder and gentler way IMPO.

A majority of providers here probably feel similar to you but it’s hard to discuss and agree when one feels ridiculed.

Most of us are doing everything possible to prevent spread as our livelihoods depend on it.
We’re not the bad guys but yet I personally feel you came out swinging.

My two cents
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