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Originally Posted by alicia View Post
I am having the same issue with my son's daycare. I went to pick him up once and he was asleep while all the other children were playing. I have trouble getting him to be on weekdays only. I am trying to find out exactly what hours my son is sleeping and they cannot give me a start or end time. The teachers state that the director does not allow them to wake up the child. So, even though the nap time is 12:30 to 2:30, if the child is asleep they leave them asleep. They are not to wake them up. That is ridiculous to me. So I'm in the cycle - I can't put him to bed on time. I can't wake him up on time. And he is really crabby at daycare in the morning. I just can't believe how a director would tell me (the parent) we aren't going to wake up the child if he is tired. Um - I'm pretty sure after a two hour nap the child is not tired. Of course, it makes their job easier to leave the child asleep, I'm sure.
I think one must remember that although no laws stop them from waking a chile up, there also arent any that say that they must be woken either. Some daycares.both centers and family child care homes, have their own policies and can do so as long as they dont go against state regulations. If your daycare wont wake your child up when you prefer then finding new daycare that can better meet your needs is a good option.
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