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Unhappy a little compassion for the provider

I would agree that it's tough to understand it til you've been in a provider's shoes.
For the record, I AM educated and I CHOSE this field because I LOVE children. I really do.

I continue my education at a minimum of 16 hours per year. I am also a BUSINESS owner and everything else you can think of. It's a lot of work and very rewarding, but very underpaid as it is WITHOUT the paid holidays or time off. The fees are based on a flat rate to cover expenses plus earn some money as well. (at least half of what I make goes right back into the daycare every week). Do you work for free? Does your employer pay salary and then say they changed their mind and will deduct salary because they will be closed one day?

If you had a babysitter, you would be lucky to get by with paying them less than $8.00/hour and that's a highschool student. Now, your paying a professional, not a babysitter AND you are paying at LEAST half of a babysitter's pay. PLUS, you are getting quality and loving care and education for that money. You can trust your child is in good hands.

You'd pay more for a nanny, and she would expect some sort of compensation as well. Daycare providers are not out to get you and rip you off. They love children. They love their work and it's a professional job---just like yours is, Master's degree or not.

Just something to think about.
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