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Originally Posted by HappyCamper View Post
Why is it a rip-off to pay for a full week when your children will only be there two days? The mortgage or rent on the building has to be paid, as well as utilities, staff wages, etc. - REGARDLESS if your child is there or not. Is it really worth griping over a handfull of school closures per year?

As far as "factoring" holidays into tuition costs... Parents complain about paying $2.00 to $3.00 per hour as it is. I can only imagine your reaction if you were told your tuition rates were to increase to $4.00 per hour to cover Federal Holidays closures. It sounds good "in theory" but I'm guessing you wouldn't think it was such a grand idea if it were to happen.
I agree. They complain regardless of how many ways you try to adjust your policies. The kicker is, I bet unregistered mommy gets paid holidays and vacations but doesn't think her daycare provider should.

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