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We live in a suburb outside of DC so at least one of my daycare parents is usually a government worker and has the day off. I always tell my parents though, if there is a holiday where BOTH parents HAVE to work and they dont have any other option to let me know and we will discuss it.

My goal isn't to leave them without care if they indeed really have to work. Their are lots of other times where they can take off and bring their kids if they need a break. I tell parents at interview time, if you are a parent that is consistently late to pickup, arrives early, brings kids to daycare sick when they should be home, late on making payments, or always forgets checkbook, then I will be less likely to be understanding when it comes to needing me for something extra like these holidays.

Professions are
(personal trainer/personal trainer) They make their own schedules so its not much of an issue.
(therapist/works for census bureau) one parent off
(retail/body shop worker) both parents working but grandma off so taking DCG and 2 older SA sisters out for a fun day.
(courthouse receptionist) off
(police officer/military) off
(finance mgr for govt contractor/military Police) one off one working
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