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7 - 2 1/2 year olds is a lot to handle. I'm sure that you can do it but if you feel like you need extra help to be able to do more circle time, projects, activities, etc. then I would look into hiring an assistant for the two days you have these children. You could just hire an assistant to come in from maybe 8:30-11:30 (when the bulk of the learning part of the day will be). That will ensure that you have a good early morning program to learn abc's, 123's, etc. That's only 6 hours a week to pay someone and I'm sure it would help a lot. Even if you payed them $10 an hour that's only $60 a week. I'm sure that could be handeled. Plus, if you ever HAD to leave for an appointment you could do it while the assistant was there.

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