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advertising as a "pre-school" for 2 year olds definitely puts on the pressure.

i would just suggest structure, structure, and more structure.

just keep in mind their attention spans aren't very long - so keep all activites structured, but short.

SONGS make learning soo much easier for little ones (which is why there's an ABC song, i guess) but i used songs for EVERYTHING with 2 year olds. clean up time - hand washing - transitions - we just sang up a storm.

i spent a lot of time in a Pre-K public school classroom that was taught by possibly the best Pre-K teacher ever IMO - and it was 3 and 4 year olds. she sang all the time and i saw how effective it was with the learning. you know how you can remember lyrics to a hundred songs, but can't remember a phone number?

she also had centers twice a day. one center might be play dough - another might be blocks - another a doll house, etc. she changed the centers DAILY. so, before the kids could have time to get distracted or start fighting, they were already moving on to a new activity. they were EXCITED to get there each morning to see what the centers would be. heck, i was excited to get there and see! lol. i think this would be very do-able for you with 7 children. you could have 3 centers - 2 children in 2 groups, and 3 in another.
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