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I almost got the day off.

I have sisters, 7 & 4, whose dad is off, so they're staying home.
I have a 4 yr old girl who is sick, so she AND her 9 yo brother will be staying home.
I have an 8 yo girl who, when I texted Mom that the 7 yr old girl and 9 yo boy would not be here, she asked if she could stay home with Dad, who works at home.

So that's 5 of my 6 who will NOT be here.

I then texted Mom of my 3 yo girl (with my fingers totally CROSSED!) and said, "Just a heads up that your daughter will be the only one here, so if she wants to bring something to play with, she can."

I was hoping Mom would say let's just take her to Grandma's so you can have the day off. Nope. She wrote back, "Sounds great. See you in the morning."

Oh well.... we'll find something to keep us busy I guess!!
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