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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
How do you tell them that? It's just in your contract? Drives me nuts with my 2 teachers. I don't mind sometimes because I know that everyone likes a "mommy day", but every single time. This happens to be my last family that I actually give free days to, so she can't even say well I'm paying for it might as well use it speal. She said that she had some paperwork to do at work, but I don't buy it. Her school is 45 minutes away one way, so I doubt that she's going in for just a little bit. Not to mention he was here at regular time this morning and he'll be picked up at regular time too. Last week she said she needed a "mommy day". UGH!
Yeah it is in my contract and something I discuss with them during the interveiw.

I just tell them that working with teacher's schedules is rough sometimes and during any scheduled school holidays, I will not be available to provide care for them.

Like any other working mom/dad, they can take a day off and bring their child if they want to but not when school is scheduled to be closed.

Just curious, what is your policy for summers when it comes to teachers?
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