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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Yeah it is in my contract and something I discuss with them during the interveiw.

I just tell them that working with teacher's schedules is rough sometimes and during any scheduled school holidays, I will not be available to provide care for them.

Like any other working mom/dad, they can take a day off and bring their child if they want to but not when school is scheduled to be closed.

Just curious, what is your policy for summers when it comes to teachers?
So do they still pay for those days if they dont' come on scheduled days off of school?

Normally I have let them choose for summer because I had SA's that needed the space so it worked out for me. My one family with twins normally come 3 days and in the past summers they would only come 1. The other family that has 1 here 4 days a week normally has both of their kids come 2 days a week in the summer, so really the same income. This year though I don't have any of my past kids coming back for summer only so I'm telling them that they need to either pay or come 1/2 the time. Really my other teacher that brings the twins sometimes doesn't bother me as much as this particular family because this particular family just doesn't seem to do much with their kids and that makes me feel bad for them. I guess after thinking about it, it's not that I mind having them, just that I wish they had more time with mom and dad.
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