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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
The rates I charge each family are really individualized but everyone pays 52 weeks a year. Their rates are dependent on what hours and days they need.

Teacher families pay their same rate through summer (even if they stay home all summer). I don't take SA'ers anymore so I don't have them available to fill the empty summer spaces.

It might not always seem fair but if I KNOW someone's off because of their work/school schedule (college student, bank employee, teacher) I really push them to not attend on those days.

I guess I don't have black and white rules as every family is different even if they work at the same place.

I just really stress to parents that I am a child care provider who provides care when parents work. If they want to take a day off and still bring their kids, I really don't care but for some reason when I know they don't have to work, that bothers me so I just highly discourage it.

I think if teachers (or college students or bank employees etc) want to have a day without their kids, it should be a day they take off of work not just a day they got off of work....kwim?

That doesn't even make a lot of sense but so far in 5 years, it has worked out pretty good for me so....

It definately makes sense. I'm right there with ya. I think if I get a teacher again, I definately have to rework it. I don't think it's fair that I get shorted money in the summer because of their job. This will likely be the last summer with my one teacher family though because the twins are almost 4 now and will be going to school in the fall of 2014. The remaining teacher I will have the same income per week because I will have her SA son along with the 2 yr old, so like I said before instead of having the 2 yr old 4 days a week, I will have them both 2 days, so same pay. So, that is not bad.

So you say you charge them the same 52 weeks a year. Is it full price or do you figure out how much they would pay for school year and divide it out for 52 weeks? Do they still come in the summer then?
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