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Todd McCullough
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I'm glad there have been so many replies to this.

I found this with a search in Google - ""legal to charge" "daycare" holiday ontario"

Neither I nor my wife get paid holidays. Neither I nor my wife get benefits. I have in the past, with a few former employers, but it's not the case now.

I do not believe that it is right to charge for holidays. I understand you are running a business (from all estimates around here a lucrative one I might add) and you deserve to make money too for services offered. It's option to add it to your contract, and it's a parents option to accept the contract, or move on.

But, I think you can use your own judgement and cut some of your clients some slack. Not everyone has got it so easy at the moment. People are out of jobs all over, if you don't ease off and continue to think of the parents who come to you as "whiners" (as some of you have put it) than you might very well be faced with unemployment as well.

In my province, in Canada, I think there needs to be more regulation. I also think that the government needs to kick in financing to offset the costs to parents.

That way you get your paid vacation that you assume I get as well, and I will be able to pay my bills and feed my kids and hope to get some stress free days in the future.
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