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Originally Posted by marniewon View Post
Most professional jobs (and many non-professional jobs) offer their employees a weekday holiday if the actual holiday falls on a weekend. You ask why the provider can't split them up - it's not her fault that there are 2 holidays exactly a week apart! Personally, I don't take Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve off, so I'm only taking those days this year (because the actual holiday is on a Saturday).

Are you telling me that you have to work EVERY holiday and you don't get compensated for that? I don't know of any place who insists on employees working and doesn't pay AT LEAST time and a half. Seems to me that would be plenty to pay your dc provider for a much needed day off AND a neighbor kid to babysit your kids for the day (or how about family, for free??)

Nope - you are STILL paying to hold a spot - waiting list or not! Holidays are a big time for drop-in care, and if you don't want to pay for your spot, there are probably other families who could use that day or week.

Bingo! u like the place and they take good care of your child That's it right there! You like the place and they take good care of your child....but you don't feel they are worth compensating them for a holiday? How many hours a day do you work? Because your dcp probably works anywhere from 10-14 hours a day. How many breaks do you get? Because your dcp might be lucky to grab a few minutes at naptime, IF all the children go down at the same time and actually sleep. Do you make minimum wage? Because there's a good chance that even with all the kids in her care, your dcp might not even make that much (I don't).

Your dcp opens her home to the children she cares for, getting wear and tear on her furniture, toys, etc, has to put up with a lot of BS with parents who won't pay, or pay late, or bring sick kids, or complain about any holiday that she takes with little pay and few breaks, and long hours. Obviously she loves children to do this, and you should be thrilled that you got such a great and caring dcp and be happy to give her a much needed vacation/holiday once in a while!
Very well put!~
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