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Originally Posted by CountryRoads View Post
I only have 3 families on Mondays. DCF1 I knew didn't have to work, DCF2 told me this morning she has it off, and I asked DCF3 and she has it off as well. DCF1 always brings her kids when she doesn't have to work, so she is the one the notice would be for.

I just told her at drop-off that since no one needs care on Monday I am going to be closed so I can spend the day with my kids, days that I don't get anymore.

She said "Oh darn, I was just thinking what I was going to do with the day all to myself. But oh well, that's okay I guess."
That's kind of what I figured (that you have one of those families that bring their kids no matter what) but good! I am glad you told her you were closing.

I get tired of parents that have the day off but still bring their kids. I am paid well for my time but in my experience those are the same parents that complain about having to work or never getting time to themselves.

I have one that I know will bring her kids on Presidents Day even though I know she's off and normally I don't mind but this time I outright told her that I expected her to not bring the kids. Just because as of late, her youngest has been under the weather....not enough to be excluded but enough to drive me crazy.....

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