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Kidkare makes most of it really fast and easy to keep up with once you learn it. Taxes, billing, menus, meal counts, attendance, shot records, enrollment forms, invoices, payments, etc. $8 a month.

Daily Connect handles parent communication, observations, assessments, photos, reminders, lesson plans, portfolios, temperatures, health info, sign-in/sign-out, etc. $1.25 per child.

The rest is up to you. The only way for your policies to work is for you to enforce them consistently. If you give in one time, your policies are invalid and you will be battling parents from then on. Decide what policies you will enforce and stick to them. Remember that Daycare is not a charity.

My waitlist is first come first serve. I don't charge to be on it. When an opening comes up, I look down the list and find the first child in the age group of the opening that I have (usually infant). I offer it to that family, if they decline I move on to the next. I use it more as a call back list. Many families are on it for 2-3 years before their child ages out. That is why I don't charge, the chance of getting in here is really low. I only have 6 slots and most go on to have multiple kids with me (enrolled families get first choice to hold slots for their TTC/unborn). I often have empty slots that are paid in full while family planning.
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