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Originally Posted by bjarke8 View Post
Thanks for the quick reply, this is really helpful.

How often do you find yourself working on the admin jobs you mentioned? I expect I will be doing all the admin work as I will have assistance with teaching and programmes.

I assume that tasks like attendace and meal counts is daily a daily routine, and that things like invoicing is monthly depending on when you issue.

If you could share any other challenges I would need and prepare for once I open the daycare it would be great?

I use auto-invoice and have to check weekly that everyone paid on time before I allow drop-offs on Monday mornings. They pay online and it must be done in advance for the week by 730 am. If you bill monthly, it would be cut down to once per month that you have to police payments.

The thing with auto-invoicing is that you have to change all recurring payments manually if you have to give a discount due to a closure or add any fees. That can take some time. I usually do those on Fridays because I have it set to send invoices on Saturday morning.

Immunization expiration dates are another tricky thing that I must keep up with here. No one can attend with an expired state form and I can be fined or closed for allowing it. I keep a tracking sheet posted by my desk and send home reminders at 30 days, 10 days and 5 days prior to expiration. It is overkill but they can't really argue when I turn them away at the door if they don't comply.
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