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Smile Class A Class B Daycare - How To Save Money?

My wife and I own two daycare centers in Louisiana. One licensed for 149 the other for 62. We are always trying to save funds in any sort of way and wanted to share ideas.

Since we bought the first center, March 2008 we have made the following changes:

action (savings)

1. I do the books. ($360/month)
2. She does the payroll every other week. ($250/month)
3. Negotiated on the phone, fax, and internet services-ATT. ($120/month)
4. Changed the dumpster service. ($50/month)
5. Changed milk, food, supplies providers. (varies monthly but $200/month minimum)
6. I do the W2 and 1099. ($300/year)

Annual net savings: $12060 if my math is correct.

We are open to further changes, but the these are great changes that neither the parents or workers noticed! BTW, we have great parents too!

We are class A and run our classrooms to state ratio and NEVER over. We are full in all but one of our PRE K 4 classes (3 short). We have 1 infant class, 2 ones classes, 2 twos classes, 2 threes classes, and 2 fours classes. Our weekly fees are:

infant: 150
ones: 135
twos: 130
threes: 125
before after: 65
just before or after: 45
summer camp: 110

We charge a supply fee of 125.00 once a year and provide diapers and wipes to our infants and ones.

I look forward to any information that other centers may have!
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