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AmandasFCC 06:35 AM 08-31-2009
I have a hitter in my daycare. He's 2 1/2 and just gets frustrated and shoves people and slaps them. It's not quite to the extent that he slaps me in the face when I get to his level, but he's definitely aggressive towards the other children.

I've had a lot of success with 2 things: 1) I worked with him with "gentle touches". When he hits I tell him "We only use gentle touches", then gently rub his arm and ask him to do the same. Throughout the day I'll call him over and discreetly say "Can you show me a gentle touch" and then praise him when he does it. Sounds silly maybe, but it's helped a lot.
2) I tell him to clap his hands when he feels frustrated or angry. That not only gets him to think about what he's doing, but then the other kids start clapping and it becomes a little laugh fest for them all, clapping away... I often have to catch him when I notice him getting frustrated and remind him to clap his hands, but again, it's helping the situation. Maybe talk to your provider and suggest something like this - whatever works for you ...

Good luck