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itlw8 07:48 PM 09-08-2012
I make my own.. I do not believe in worksheets for preschoolers I do not believe in craft projects where the teacher does most of the work cutting everything out... well we do some to learn to follow directions but limited.

This makes my work much easier. Preschool is a routine for us mostly at circle, we do calendar read, sing and talk about some of the new things out

We do alot of art. We may take a walk and pick up nature items and glue them on paper We paint alot. and with different things for brushes. We do lots of exploration of the world around us. What would happen if?..... lots of science. I get lots of ideas from pinterest.

Now you ask how do the parents know the child is learning if you do not do work sheets. I take lots of pictures and post the picture and what the child is learning.

Preschoolers are concrete learners. If you give them a paper with the word apple on it what can they learn. how much do they learn from a worksheet with an apple on it and the word apple.... not much. But give them apples and they can learn about colors, smell, taste, seeds, apple skin. fractions

This summer we grew potatoes. The day they harvested them they sorted them by size, counted them, we painted with some and cooked some for lundh. They know where they grow, how they feel taste and smell.Even the 2 yr old can tell you the sound potato starts with ( phonics) and that it starts with p