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I run a vegetarian daycare (unheard of in my area!) but I figured someone may find my menus useful as I usually can transform any meat or meal into a meatless one.

Just an fyi, all "meat" I have on my menus are vegan/veggie, all cheese is vegan, all yogurt is soy yogurt, and all milk is Almond, Soy or Rice milk.

B: English muffin w/ (veggie) sausage and vegan cheese, grapes, Milk
L: Quesadillas w/ tomatoes, black olives and vegan cheese, refried beans (for dipping, yum), peaches
S: Pita Chips w/ Hummus, Juice

B: Whole Wheat Banana pancakes, blueberries, Milk
L: HM Three cheese ravioli w/ Marinara sauce, mini breadsticks, pineapple chunks, tomato slices w/ a sprinkling of Dash
S: Fruit salsa, Cinnamon chips, Juice

B: Soy yogurt w/ organic granola, Apple slices, Milk
L: Baked potato w/ ranch beans & vegan cheese, side salad, pears
S: Applesauce w/ cinnamon, graham crackers, Juice

B: Biscuits & "Gravy", mixed fruit, milk
L: Banana & chocolate panini, Strawberry soup, carrot sticks
S: Raspberry peach bread, milk

B:Gorilla Munch cereal, toast w/ blackberry fruit spread, smoothie
L: Vegetable stir-fry, bread w/ "butter", mango slices
S: Chocolate chip pie, milk

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