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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
That is odd to me too. If she's been licensed for 7 years, she should have policies to give to the dcfs. When I first started out, 37 years ago, I had nothing like that but times have changed. It's pretty much a given nowadays to provide handbooks, contracts, etc., especially if she's stating PTO is in her policies. I can't see how she can enforce anything if you haven't signed anything or even seen the policies to agree to.
Have you checked with your state to see her license status or if there have been complaints against her?
It's just odd.
Her license is still up to date and I haven't seen any complaints.

To me, at least from a business perspective, I'm not sure how it's possible she doesn't have policies. I've asked for them and she just doesn't have them to give to me.
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