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DaisyMamma 07:28 AM 06-06-2012
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I agree. What else can you really do when they really just don't know yet...

LOL!, I interviewed a family when they were about a month away from delivery. LOVED them!!!! Awesome people! We really clicked when it came to philosophies on raising kids and what their role was going to be and how they themselves were raised. Even took my advice and ended up going with a nanny for the first 12 months of their new baby's life (I told them I really didn't believe newborns belonged in daycare )

So yeah, they didn't end up signing on until after the baby turned one... but OMG! I cannot believe the difference in what they said they WERE going to do compared to how the ACTUALLY parent. Micro-managing, EXTREME helicopter parent.....

So yeah, just interview as you normally would and cross your fingers I guess.
oh gosh. I do not like helicopters! That's what worries, but it is true. Things are different when baby actually arrives!