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Originally Posted by mncare View Post
If your contracted hours are for 4:30 then, no I would not do it. I have a closing time of 5 pm and made an exception for my neighbors and it backfired on me. I will not longer make any exceptions. I have it at that time so I can be with my child. She already hates that I do daycare, I need to dedicate my entire evenings to time with her!

But if your contracted hours are until 5 then I would go ahead. I agree, if they are a good family what does it matter as long as she is picking up on time. She may not have free childcare and doesn't want to pay extra at the gym?
I agree, all the breaks I ever gave to anyone, always backfired on me in the long run- every single one of them!!! I am now done giving any kind of breaks!!!
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