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Originally Posted by e.j. View Post
It sounds as though you've just disproved your own theory. From what you've just said, Seattle providers have already raised their rates to the point where a large percentage of families can't afford care and yet, there are still long waiting lists that still exist. Once day care becomes too expensive, you're right...many people will decide to stay home and raise their own kids. Working won't be a viable choice for them. That won't result in shorter waiting lists. They will still exist because most of the providers who exist currently will have priced themselves out of business. Fewer providers doesn't equal shorter wait lists for the parents who still need/choose to work.
Not really. This just shows that $2000 is not high enough, which isn't surprising as we have tens of thousands of highly paid Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Google employees living in the city. However no one has infinite money so at some price point (say $3000) parents will start dropping out of the waitlist and it will become possible to get a spot on a short notice.
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