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Originally Posted by LysesKids View Post
Try to do that in a true emergency... in the 2011 AR floods I had to evacuate 5 babies in the cold rain as water was coming into the house (3 feet in 30 minutes in my yard and it was coming in my front door - I lost my car in that as it got flooded)... the back of the home was on a hill and we literally were handing babies out the back window to my neighbors who took them into homes higher up the hill... 2 days later I had to evacuate again when they turned the gas back on and there was a leak & my sensors went off. All my kids were under 18 months at the time. The 2 daycare centers a block away had to wake napping children and evacuate when water came up under there floors too. The lake in my yard disappeared with an hour of the rain stopping
What part of our emergency evacuation plan do you see as not possible in a true emergency?
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