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Originally Posted by CityGarden View Post
My license is in my first and last name not my business name. That was the only option my analyst gave me.
Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
In CA, if you file the paperwork under your name then your license will be under your name and will look something like " last name FCC".

When I applied for my license I went through the process of filing for my DBA (doing business as) business name first and submitted a copy of my official approval from the state along with my application. My licence reads "last name FCC AKA business name"

Our licencing office doesn't exactly promote getting a business name, but we can do it. We just have to apply for the business name officially and submit the approval.
I'm sure if you file for an official DBA you can have your license changed to reflect your DBA. Without an official DBA you can only operate under the name on your license.
I guess I need to check with the state of Kansas to be sure. On our license it has our names listed under "Licensee", and then it has "Facility" which has the name of our daycare under that. If I remember correctly, if we ever change the name of our business then we would have to go through the whole process of reapplying and paying the fees associated with that, and I think an initial inspection too because they will treat us as a brand new daycare. I just need to contact them to see what they say.
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