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I had a child like this. Started off well with nap, would sleep the entire time when he first came to me. Then he started having issues during nap after 8 months after being here (spitting, putting feet up on my wall, waking up other children, clapping and making disruptive noises, etc). Talked to parents, they said same at home would play and jump on the bed, take clothes off and pee on the bed, etc which they watched on their monitor. Finally couldn't take it anymore because I wasn't about to spend nap time which is my break time dealing with this when the parents were not even doing their part at home to make a nap routine. Changed my policies regarding nap time, that if a child is being disruptive the first 30-45 mins of nap they will be sent home for the remainder of nap time. This child had other issues and ended terming them. It was the best decision ever.
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