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They sound like huge binders! How often do you purge them?

2 inch binders. I purge every year. The current binder has 2021/2020. 2019 (and all other years) went into a manilla folder on January 1st, then into my filing cabinet. I have not decided what to do with them past that. Maybe one day I will dance around a bonfire of them and burn sage, who knows.

I usually only have about 3-5 pages of medications and injuries per year (6 kids max). Most often bug bites/bug bite cream and bruises from kids running into each other playing with push toys, ugh. Field trip forms list all kids/signed at drop-off, about 10 pages. Attendance sheets list all kids for a full week so 52 pages. Same with curriculum templates and menus, 52 pages. About 175 pages, per year. Give or take.

What does your training binder consist of?

3 inch binder. The state gives us a list of required documents, so I literally put the binder together in that exact order to make the visits go smooth and fast. You know the kids only act crazy when we have visitors and our attention is diverted. It follows their inspection check list exactly.

  • 1. License - in clear view sleeve.
  • 2. Immunization Forms - with expiration dates highlighted.
  • 3. Criminal Records Checks - for anyone over 13 who visits during daycare hours or lives here.
  • 4. Helpers Orientation Certification - required for adults 18+ living in home who are present during daycare hours.
  • 5. 2 Years worth of Training Certificates - Mandatory 10 hours per year, minimum. 20 preferred.
  • 6. CPR/First Aid Certificate - in clear sleeve.
  • 7. First Aid Kit Supply and Expiration List - Also have to bring the actual kit to the table to verify.
  • 8. 2 Years Fire Drills.
  • 9. Pet Vaccination Records.
  • 10. Written Emergency Plans.
  • 11. Emergency Numbers - Must also be posted.
  • 12. Communicable Disease Chart.
  • 13. Water Testing Approval.
  • 14. Septic Inspection Approval.
  • 15. Fire Extinguisher Check List - Expiration.
  • 16. 2 years of prior inspection reports.
  • 17. Rules and Regs. 244 pages.
  • 18. Indicator Manual - 47 pages.
  • 19. Weather Chart.
  • 20. Poisonous Plant List, Non-Allowed Pets list.
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