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Default finally

Finally grew my backbone to implement a very small pay increase (which still puts me well within a very reasonable/low rate). I pushed my hours up to close at 430 since I knew all of my current parents are available to pick up by 4.

I offered a higher rate for extended hours should they choose to do that but I made it fairly steep.

Zero cooperation. I agonized over this for many months and did what I thought was the fairest possible thing. I'd wanted to increase the rate much more but thought a smaller increase would be more fair.

I was met with rudeness and zero cooperation. ONe family quit after 3 years of service but told me it had nothing to do with the new contract.

I'd seen the pissed off dcm speaking in the road with the one who later that day, quit for 30 minutes before day care.

I'm devestated and very stressed.

I hope the best will come of this and bring me some appreciative families but oh man, this is rough.

It must be me. I refuse to believe people are that nasty and petty.
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