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UGH! Today is just one of those days where nothing has gone right.

I dropped a dish on the floor during nap time, waking up the baby.

The baby spit up almost an entire bottle ALL over my shirt and their outfit, literally three minutes before pickup.

I finally decided to go ahead and install updates on my computer, but it overheated and shut down in the middle of it - AFTER 35 minutes of updating, but before it was done. Now I have to start over.

My vacuum cut off and won't turn back on, even though there appears to be nothing wrong - in the middle of vacuuming the carpet that needed it the most. It worked fine on the ones that didn't really need it.

I forgot that my oldest had an afterschool event today and panicked when he didn't get off the bus. After several phone calls to the neighbors and the school, I finally figured it out and felt stupid.

None of this is major, but all together in one day...VERY annoying!!!
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