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Originally Posted by jokalima View Post
Well they are usually late, not always but it does happen frequently qith them, it coul be anywhere from 1-5 minutes, or like the other day it was almost 10 minutes an she was not working that day.

Is fair for me to charge even for the 1st minute? Before I was like "yeah it's OK it is just this time" but when is started to happen more and more I am getting upset because that extra minute is a minute taken away from my family and son.

Anyways, i am still working on my contract and I did it a little bit different, I put 5.00 for the 1st 5 minutes and then 10.00 for every 15.00 minutes. What you guys think? I wanted to put 5.00 1st because is more and maybe the get discourage from coming late.
Why wouldn't it be fair? Your time is just as valuable as any other person's time. Clocks have minute hands because each minute counts sooo... I put out the late sign out sheet the minute a parent is late. If they have trouble getting there on time, they need to re-adjust their contract.

If every family is only one minute late every day each year, do you know how much time you are giving away for free? That is $12-15 per year (depending on your rates) for EACH family and if you have 10 families that is a lot of free time....kwim?
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