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Originally Posted by Frizzled View Post
Background: DCB was brought by dad in a rear facing carseat placed in the back of a work van. It was held in place by bungee cords. I called CSB about it and he took parenting classes... Just about every time he drops DCB off now he texts 10 minutes before he is to be here to let me know he is coming. Sometimes I have been here and sometimes not, I always let him know.

TODAY: My phone was dropped over the weekend and not working. I let ALL the DCF know and got their times of arrival for today. DCD apparently didn't get the memo from DCM because he not only does his usual but today I had an appointment and was out during the time he wanted to drop off (his scheduled time is to arrive at 2, sometimes he comes earlier if dad drops off). So what does he do? He enters MY HOUSE, which it was my fault for leaving the door unlocked but we live in the middle of nowhere and never really ever lock our doors. Then, this was the kicker, LEAVE HIS SON IN THE HIGHCHAIR AND GOES TO WORK. I got home to a 15 month old sitting in the highchair with a sippy and come cheerios (which dad got into MY CABINETS to get) and NO PARENT ANYWHERE! My neighbor got suspicious (thank God the child was never left completely alone thanks to awesome neighbors) and called me then called the cops. How irresponsible and STUPID is this guy???? I told the cops he works under the table too, probably not the smartest but the guy is going to jail anyways...

Best part: boy is in custody of CSB overnight to sort things out and mom called me cussing and throwing a fit over it. She ACTUALLY said "well he was restrained, not like he could hurt himself or anything" REALLY? REALLY? WOW.

Ahhh... Can't really talk about the case much more than that but holy cow, the nerve of these people. I feel so bad for that little boy right now.
That man can not be that stupid or else he would have wandered out in traffic by now. What in the h*** was he thinking? Did he even bother to call out or check your house? He obviously had time to plunder in cabinets for food, how much time could it have taken to look around for you. And why was mom mad at you? You would think she'd be grateful for looking out for her son. You weren't the one who left him in an empty house. I'm getting of my soapbox now and going to get another drink.
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