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Now we're into my other profession. One thing me and the board owner have in common. I went into website hosting, design, and domain registration in 2000. By 2002 I was only doing part time reno work. Went back to full time reno 6 years ago. My website business is still going, just not profitable.

Domain names are a tricky business. If you want a website, you want a domain name. doesn't sound as professional as There are now literally hundreds of other TLD (.com etc) options out there, like .family, .social, .rocks, .space, .life, .....
Some can sound quite interesting.

Adding a hyphen to a domain does have one problem. Verbal communication. If you tell someone your domain, you have to say "business hyphen name dot com" which has 2 issues. Doesn't sound so great, and when they go type it in, are they going to remember the hyphen. In my opinion, if you can put a word before or after that sounds good, that's the best choice.
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