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I used to have my own domain for about 5 years. I had to cut extra expenses so it had to go. I understand the need to own your own domain, but honestly I get more calls now then I did when I owned it.
I currently have one main site I use from free webs. I also have at least 10 more from other free sites. When ever I come across any free website, I jump on it. I also have many free ads any and everywhere I can. I ad as many tags as possible.

So it's not my domain name that does it. Its the fact that my daycare name is all over the wide world web. If anyone is within a 50 miles types in any of the tags or key words (whatever they are called), my daycare comes up several times.

I had had people call me from other states looking for childcare because they are moving to my area soon. I had a little boy for about 6 months whose parents were broke up and dad had just got out of the navy and moved close to me. He called before he actually moved here. When he moved, he setup an appointment and I had the boy until the mom returned to the states after being stationed on a ship.

So my only point is, you really don't need a domain name to generate traffic for your website. At the end of the day it's about getting the calls in and parents signing those contracts.
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