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I wouldnít say Iím seasoned but I would exclude the same that you did for DCG. Whether the child got it at your house is irrelevant, you still donít want to run the risk of your other infant getting it as well.

As for the payment do what is in your policies. Do they normally pay for days they are absent? I wouldnít be concerned with what I did for another family. All of my families are on different (although similar) contracts. Itís not any one families business what I do for another family.

If it is HFM you canít say with certainty that the child fotnit at your house. Parebts take kids all sorts of places it couldíve been picked up from if this is what it actually is. It sounds like you took all necessary precautions with DCG and that she even stayed out a few extra days. I wouldnít blame yourself or feel guilty a all. Kids get each other sick, always have, always will.
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