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My oldest were 8 and 9 when I started doing child care, so it wasn't an issue. I now have a 16 month old little one. I didn't bother last year because she was too young to care, but I will handle her birthday with the daycare just like I do the others : special pin for the day and cupcakes at snack. I buy the others a gift, but send it home for them to open to avoid fighting or jealousy so no issue there. That will be how I handle the whole birthday party and dck issue, then again we usually just celebrate birthdays as a family - special meal or activity out and a cake. I like the idea above about a special lunch menu for the birthday kid!

If I'm invited to dcks birthday parties, I go! I just save their gift for their party. I'm honored they would include me, but I only keep 4 so it's not that crazy for me.
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