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Default I Hate Waiting

That lawyer still hasn't sent me the email letter, and I just got my mail and there was nothing in there either. I looked him up, he's a legit lawyer, very young, just a few years out of law school...I would really like to get this stuff taken care of next week so I can avoid filing on the 24th. I discussed it with my husband, and we agreed that if it meant getting our actual money next week as opposed to just a judgement if we went to court, and if it meant avoiding a courtroom altogether, we would be willing to take off half of her late fees. She would then be saving the court cost, which I would pin on her if I had to file, plus about $75 in late fees. I wrote up a memo that I will take with me when/if we meet with the attorney before filing. If she can agree to what I put in the memo, then it will be over, if she can't agree with it. Then we will go to court.
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