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Thats terrible but I am sure parents see right through it.

I actually have a provider who has been doing daycare 7 yrs longer than myself right across the street (literally our houses face each other). We just moved into the neighborhood when I started daycare and didn't know she did also. All summer long we have playdates, go to the park together etc. When I am closed if I attend a training I send my son to her house and she calls when there is a snow day if she wants to get her big kids out of the house for a bit. I think its awesome having someone so close. When one of us has a kid sick we tell our parents to call the other for back up daycare and that way they don't have to go too far to make it work for that day.

I always refer people to her and I get calls from people looking when she is full. I would try to talk to this lady because it can be helpful having someone so close.
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