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Originally Posted by tlemother View Post
What time do they get up. My son used to go to bed at 630 when he was a toddler but he had to get up at 530am to be at daycare by 7am. My 2 year old now doesn't go to bed until 830 or 9 and sleeps 12 hours at night but doesn't have to get up for daycare.
Mom of the 3 1/2 and 2 year old says they get up between 7-7:30. They live with 5 minutes of me. They are in care from 8-4:45. It is just shocking when mom comes in on a Monday morning and says they were in bed by 5:15 the night before.
Mom of the 13 month old says she is up around 6:15. She is in care 7:15-4/4:30.
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