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Blackcat31 06:50 AM 11-25-2020
Originally Posted by kendallina:
In my policy I have 72 hours fever-free as long as no one else in the family has symptoms. If I didn't trust my families to be honest with me, though, I would require longer.

My families have been so so careful for the most part. And those that aren't as careful are still very honest and I trust them. Plus, it's a small town and I find out everything!
This is my thoughts as well.

I trust my families for the most part but if I didn't I would absolutely struggle with what to do/not do.

I do exclude for longer periods of time with a fever especially when it's not a toddler.

I would be upset the parent didn't say anything to you BEFORE dropping off though.... that's kind of sketchy to me. Unless she isn't normally one to communicate well. I'd be worried that she was worried and simply choose to remain silent about it.