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Default Hospital Trips?

I've had the same question come up a couple of times in interviews, and I'm wondering what the "correct" answer is. The question is "What would you do if someone in your care needed an emergency trip to the hospital?". So far I've been of the opinion that if it's not a real emergency (ie a broken bone or something that can wait an hour or so), I'd call the parents of the child and have them take care of the ER visit. If it's life-threatening, I would call an ambulance and send the child to the hospital alone. Then call my back-up to watch the rest of the kids and follow the ambulance while calling the child's parents. Once the parents got to the hospital, I'd resume my post at home. I haven't gotten any feedback on whether parents are happy with that answer or not though.

What's your answer and what do you guys think parents are looking for when they ask that question?
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