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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
Just be prepared for them to pull him out. They have to say what they have to say to keep him there until they find another gig. This is a VERY common immediate response because they want day care. Remember it's words they are doing now. They only brought up his slot when you brought up terming. Remember when the slot wasn't on the line it was "boys will be boys". That's a wildly different response.
good advice. Plus pediatricians are not the right people to go to for most parenting issues, especially if this is not due to a special needs type situation. They are not trained in a lot of behavioral/parenting issues. He/she is a medical doctor and most of them will soothe parents by saying things like "its a phase, wait it out". I can bet almost certainly that he/she will not have any real life tips and instructions in this situation.
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