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Originally Posted by Country Kids View Post
I have had to find a dentist that was open on Saturday's so I'm not having to close as our regs recently changed also. I usually only go to the doctor once a year and eye doctor so I try and schedule those both on the same day before leaving for my vacation.
Our dentists aren't even open on Fridays here! The ONE pediatric dentist in town closes at 2:30PM M-TH and never opens on Fridays. I have 11 prescriptions that I can't get refilled because my new PCP is the evening and weekend walk-in clinic (they don't write scripts for more than 30 days or refill maintenance meds). I just can't take 2-5 days a month off work to go to the clinic!

Between my child and I, there's a lot of missed work for appointments and it shouldn't have to be that way. I have several people who are willing and able to sub (2 of them pediatric nurses!), but the state won't allow it, and they aren't willing to go through the ridiculous training to do me a favor my sitting at my home during nap time.
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