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Default update.....

Ok. Today I go to her bank and talk to the bank rep. He says her check bounced due to insufficent funds. Not the BS lie she told me. Since she has paid me the regular weekly fee plus a fee of $40- she claims she doesn't owe me anymore. That it's not her problem my personal account is negative.
But here's the real kicker.... now she tells me tonight, through email, that their last day will be Friday. Well she still owes me a 2 week notice. I told her that I must be paid the full 2 weeks on Friday morning. And they can attend for the next two weeks. But regardless if they come or not, I must be paid for the next 2 weeks as per contract. (by the way all this was in my contract she signed)
This is becoming a HUGE nightmare. And I really want it to end. I have a feeling this one will have to go to court.

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