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Default You cannot expect her to pay all your fees.....

and the check came back insufficent funds. ......... check, it has caused me to have 6 nsf fees of $35.00 each. (totaling $210.00) .......... but not any of the nsf fees. Am I wrong to demand they be paid, as they wouldn't of happened if her check would have cleared. Urghhhh I am so upset about this. What should I do?????[/quote]

You are saying you were paid - the check did not clear. So, if she paid you 100.00 and it didn't clear - then you would only have that 100.00 to deduct back out of your bank account. Now, IF you deposited her check - AND DID NOT WAIT TO MAKE SURE IT CLEARED -- and you wrote checks against it --- that's poor management on your part. If you had other items in your account that bounced - it is 100% your fault. You cannot use deposits ==UNTIL they have cleared. So, my professional opinion is Yes, you are wrong to expect her to pay. So, for future reference - never count on checks being 'good' you must (legally) wait for them to be credited to your account as a cleared item.
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