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Default Florida Providers I have a Couple Questions for You

How long did the licensing process take? I have some prospective clients already!

I am really confused about the whole process in general. I guess I am going to have to call someone at FL DCF and ask some questions.

Do *I* have to run my own background checks or do they do it?

I am taking the online courses. Do I have to take a seperate test? Is the test online or do I have to take those in person. Do I really need to memorize where to find certain rules in the administrative code????

I live on a road with no lines, no median, no posted speed limit (that I know of, I guess I would have to look) and no body of water on MY property. BUT I do have one of those dips near the road for drainage. Is that considered a ditch and will require me to install a fence?

Can I take the Red Cross's infant/child first aid and cpr course as long as it is in person and not online?

Am I correct in assuming that rabies is the required vaccine for pets? Any others required?

I hope some one here is from Florida and can help answer some of my questions. Thanks in advance
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