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How long did the licensing process take? I have some prospective clients already! - depends on your County Licensing Dept. It normally takes about 3 months they say.

I am really confused about the whole process in general. I guess I am going to have to call someone at FL DCF and ask some questions. - in some area of FL you only have to Register others you have to get Licensed. Check with your county they may offer an orientation class on Home day care centers

Do *I* have to run my own background checks or do they do it? In Broward I have to go down and get a back ground check so does anyone over 12 in the home.

I am taking the online courses. Do I have to take a seperate test? Is the test online or do I have to take those in person. Do I really need to memorize where to find certain rules in the administrative code????
yes you have to take the exam in person- once you get to the end of an online course it will tell you what to do to sign up for the exams. I think you can also go to the FAQ section and it explains it too. No you don't have to know the admin code #'s - it explains that in the study guide.- I was relived!! I'm taking 4 test tomorrow-wish me luck.

I live on a road with no lines, no median, no posted speed limit (that I know of, I guess I would have to look) and no body of water on MY property. BUT I do have one of those dips near the road for drainage. Is that considered a ditch and will require me to install a fence? - no idea

Can I take the Red Cross's infant/child first aid and cpr course as long as it is in person and not online? Has to be from someone that can certify you.- IE American Red Cross

Am I correct in assuming that rabies is the req
uired vaccine for pets? Any others required?-yes

I hope some one here is from Florida and can help answer some of my questions. Thanks in advance
I'm in the process of becoming licensed in Broward County - the requirements vary. The state has one set of rules and regulations and the county expand from there. So it really depends on where you live. I can answer a few of your questions: look above
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