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If it was in the contract you must honor it or give notice and leave. After seeing what all goes into becoming a provider they deserve these days. Back ground checks, many inspections on safety, fire, public health conducted. Trainings in CPR/First Aid/Rescue breathing along with many other areas to include depending on the state a minimum of 6 or more training hours a year. The list could go on criteria that must be met and the pay that many home providers are much less than someone working in a child care center. For instance a home provider may charge for arguement sake $200 a week for up to 50 hours a week. That breaks down to $4.00 an hour. Gee that means that you or anyone paying that a week is paying less than minimum wage to someone that is watching their child. I think paying for holidays or other closures is more than worth it. I think most people under estimate what goes into child care profession along with the importance of this area. what price tag are you willing to put on your child? I know I wouldn't think twice about paying that or more for my infant. Currently I choose not to work so I can stay home with her because I would rather scrap by than allow my child to be put in child care with someone I don't know.
But multiply that to 12 children (legal limit for one provider in MA) and you make $48/hr for 12 children. That's about $96,000/yr, essentially being paid as much as a nurse practitioner. How many "daycares" watch one child? And you know you are charging more than $200/wk for a 5 day child. So tell me again, this time add children, not just child.
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