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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
My issue is my cats. I have one who is fixed, but still sprays and it is horrible to keep up with. Even on my best day I think my house still has the odor. I have thought of getting rid of the cat, but he is my baby other than that issue. I wish I had an answer, my windows are always open it seems, I shampoo carpets often, etc. If you find an answer I would love to hear it.
Or try odoban. My cat wont got near it after I spray it.. She is a sprayer when she is mad at me so she will often find another spot to go to though

I'm curious about the Prozac and might ask my vet about it. They keep telling us to treat her for utis but it's never ending. I swear she only does it when something Is bugging her (like God forbid I fed the dog before her!)
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