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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
My issue is my cats. I have one who is fixed, but still sprays and it is horrible to keep up with. Even on my best day I think my house still has the odor. I have thought of getting rid of the cat, but he is my baby other than that issue. I wish I had an answer, my windows are always open it seems, I shampoo carpets often, etc. If you find an answer I would love to hear it.

I just happened to see this... you need to watch "My Cat From Hell" with Jackson Galaxy if you can or you might be able to look him online. He really understands cats!!! We used to have a neutered male and a spayed female cat that sprayed all the time in our house when I was a kid! My mom was too cat crazy to do much about it... but that smell... Anyway, Jackson said that's all about a cat going bonkers because other cats outside are invading his/her territory and the indoor cat doesn't feel in control at all of the situation. One of the things he told people to do on the show is take the cat outside on a leash and walk it around the property so it can then mark it's territory and repel other cats from coming so close. There's more to it probably, but I'm sure you can get ideas from him on his site. I wish I'd known this stuff when we had those cats way back then when I was young!!!
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